Please contact us if you have a piano or other instruments to donate to a student.

Thank you a thousand times over to those who have donated instruments to our music students!
Pianoforte Music School is dedicated to the discovery of each student's musical potential. The school is run by Archee Moffitt, offering music lessons to all ages, levels and styles. Children, adults and seniors are welcome to take lessons at their own pace. Pianoforte Music School is located in the Historic District of Monroe, CT, with a recording and teaching studio as well as a large room for recitals. The studio offers music lessons in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Strings, Theory, Ensemble Playing, Song Writing and Composition.

Archee participates in the MTNA (Music Teachers National Association), The National Piano Guild and ABRSM Exams, The Ass. Board of the Royal Schools of Music Exams.

The MTNA offers her students the opportunity to participate in recitals and competitions.

The National Piano Guild holds yearly auditions in over 850 US cities and several foreign countries. Students are adjudicated by a judge and receive report cards, certificates, and fraternity pins. Programs are diversified to meet the needs of both students and teachers. Programs are flexible and include repertoire as well as technical goals (musicianship phases).

The ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is an examinations board and registered charity[2] based in London, UK, which provides examinations in music at centres around the world. More than 600,000 candidates take ABRSM exams each year in over 93 countries.

Pianoforte Music School lesson fees: Hour is $60.00 / 45 min. is $50.00


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