Students and Parents offer testimonials of their experiences at Pianoforte Music School.

Tim's testimonial: "I have been going to Archee for lessons for roughly six months now. I had some experience playing the piano coming in, however I had never gone to a teacher for very long before Archee. We have been going back to basics, so to speak, and working on technical aspects of piano playing as well as learning some interesting music. Archee has an excellent understanding of the body mechanics required to play well, and does a good job communicating them. She emphasizes the importance of getting the basic fundimentals down, from things as (seemingly) simple as properly sitting at the piano to how to correctly put a key down. I have also learned a lot from her knowledge of how music is put together and how it relates to the way it is played. Since starting my lessons with Archee my playing has improved, and I am looking forward to getting better. We all have pieces we wish we could play *some day*. I think with Archee that day will come sooner, and I fully recommend her."
One of the most remarkable things, to me, about lessons at the Pianoforte Music School is the comfortable environment. For me, this was what truly enabled me to learn. As a shy seventeen-year-old who'd never sung before, it would have been impossible for me to learn anything if I was unable to feel comfortable. Luckily, I was, and I've learned a great deal! Is that cool?
Carl's testimonial: After starting at another school, I've been taking guitar lessons at the Pianoforte Music School for a few months now. Although I started, like I'm sure many kids do, reluctantly playing a muscial instrument at the encouragement of my parents, I have found the time I've spent learning guitar under Ms. Moffitt to become more and more enjoyable. She has taught me the basics of playing and improved my technique. With her help I've now developed a better appreciation of guitars and how to play them. I believe my playing has improved considerably. This has given me confidence when I play and made picking up the guitar enjoyable and no longer a chore.
Student's Testimonial: "I'm so happy I started taking piano lessons. My group is so nice and we work together helping each other. Archee is a great teacher and spends a lot of time making sure we always are in the right positions and are using the correct techniques. We just had out first recital and it was fun."
Parent's Testimonial: "I am so pleased with how well my daughter is doing. Her piano class was just in their first recital and it was wonderful. Archee is a great teacher. She stresses that students begin with a solid foundation and that their techniques are always proper. The whole class is doing such a great job."
My son Harrison has been taking piano lessons from Archee for one year. Archee does not just teach Harrison how to play the piano but also helps him with the fundamentals of playing the piano correctly at such early age. As a result Harrison's performance was superior to his cousin who's been taking lessons for over three years with a different school. We highly recommend Archee and her unique teaching style which makes learning music fun and effective.
Henry Zhao
William Q's testimonial:"I like piano with Ms. Archee because she always encourages me to do my best, even when I don't believe in myself. In the video above I am playing a song I wrote named "The Chase". I liked writing the music notes on the staff because it was alot like drawing!"
Archee has really helped us improve our voices and she's helped me gain confidence in my voice. She repetitively has told me to practice my solo in one of our songs and although I sometimes I get lazy over the week, I have realized that if I don't practice I won't get it perfect. I like how Archee has really cool recording equipment because it makes me feel professional and I really like singing and going to these lessons every week. -Haley
Haley and I have been taking group vocal lessons with Archee since mid-summer. From my experience I have learned that you must truly practice consistently for success. Archee always tells us to practice, practice, practice and for me it stuck and I practice everyday and it truly pays off at the end of every week. We have learned things from proper breathing, to the vowels of the lyrics and how to sing in pitch. I like how Archee lets us choose the songs we sing because it's more enjoyable singing a song we know. Overall I really enjoy each and every week at Archee's and I feel like I have improved immensely since I started these vocal lessons. :)

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